Improving Pet Longevity & Treating Hidden Pain

It is estimated about 90% of pets have dental disease by age 3. Dental problems cause pain, infection, and systemic inflammation. Pets receiving annual anesthetic dental procedures live 20% longer than pets that do not.

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Good dental health isn’t just important for humans to maintain. Our feline and canine companions are susceptible to many of the same dental ailments as we are. Maintaining good oral health not only helps your pet’s overall health, but it can also help extend their life. It has been estimated that at least 70% of dogs and cats three years and older have dental issues. Though these problems have been proven to be painful, our pets hide this pain and these symptoms. Most owners are surprised to see how much more playful their pet behaves once the unseen mouth pain is addressed.

Many conditions in the mouth result in the need to extract teeth. While dogs typically have 42 teeth and cats, 30, there are 8-10 structural teeth we want to save instead of extract if at all possible.

Advanced Dentistry Referral Services, strives to provide a Fear Free experience for all of our patients.

What does that mean?
We make every effort to lessen the amount of fear, anxiety, and stress that may be associated with your pet’s visit. 

3-D Imaging

On a daily basis, veterinarians use tests such as bloodwork, x-rays, and ultrasounds to get information to help find solutions to pet ailments.  Animal Dentistry Referral Services has new technology to help find answers faster: 3D imaging

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Canine Dentistry

Research shows that eighty-seven percent of dogs by age three have jaw bone loss due to periodontal disease. While one would think pets would stop eating, they rarely do. Most pets that stop eating are for reasons other than dental disease, though dental pain is still present.

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Feline Dentistry

Dental health is a crucial aspect of your cat's well-being, with dental issues being alarmingly widespread among felines.

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Available Upon Request

We have a highly trained anesthesiologist who is board-certified and available upon request.


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We were more than impressed & pleased with our experience & care for our dog by Dr. Jen and her excellent staff, Anne & Ben.
Dr. Jen is extremely thorough, making sure we understood the procedures she was planning to do. The care they gave my dog was top-notch, and I could not have asked for a better veterinary dental care provider than Dr. Jen.
It has been a few weeks since his surgery & he has had no problems. Thank you, Dr. Jen, Anne & Ben for taking such good care of our beloved pet!
Cynthia Stadtlander
Happy Pet Owner
Positive:  Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
Dr. Mathis and Anne were really great to work with. They explained everything very clearly and we did not have any surprises along the way. My cat had several teeth removed and is now healed, healthy, and back to normal.
Natasha Schnell
Happy Pet Owner
I’d like to thank everyone for the absolute best experience during a very stressful time. Team Dr. Jen Mathis and Ann Boal created an outstanding overall experience from the first phone call to the post-op follow-up. Dr. Mathis took the time to review my dog Stevie’s previous records and then met with me for the most thorough consultation I have ever experienced. She went over all the details, and the possible outcomes, provided in-depth information, videos, and pictures-diagrams, and answered all my questions. The consult was not rushed and I felt at ease knowing everything up front, including pre-procedure, actual timelines, fees & follow-up. I was equipped with all the information and expectations and she taught me a tremendous amount regarding dental care which is invaluable and eased my stress and anxiety. Ann was available when I needed her and was so responsive, she provides outrageous support that I truly appreciate. I recommend the Family Pet Veterinary Center and Dr. Jen Mathis and her dental team to anyone looking for incredible care. Thank you so much for everything, you are the absolute best hands down!
Vincent Dominguez
Happy Pet Owner
Dr. Jen is extremely knowledgeable and caring. She takes the time to make sure the owner understands everything that will happen with the pet in a caring and compassionate way. She will take the time to thoroughly answer questions and recommend products or procedures needed.
Heidi Brown
Happy Pet Owner
Dr. Jen is an amazing veterinary dental care provider. She is SO passionate about her care for pet dentistry needs. The continuity of care provided by their care coordinator, Anne, is an added benefit. Anne is a very compassionate individual that will walk you through from start to finish.
Lindsay Brown
Happy Pet Owner
If your pet needs the help of a veterinary dentist/oral surgeon look no further! Dr. Mathis and her team are wonderful. My dog recently had a rostral mandibulectomy (she had the bottom part of her jaw removed) and we had a very good experience at Animal Dentistry Referral Services.My dog was experiencing a lot of pain and from the moment we called, Dr. Mathis and the team handled our case with care. Prior to the procedure we had a consult and Dr. Mathis and Anne (client coordinator) took a lot of time explaining the potential procedures, steps and estimates. They answered all my questions and showed me photos of previous procedures to help me get an idea of what to expect.The day of my dogs procedure Dr. Mathis and technicians Molly and Erin walked me through the steps again, made sure all of my questions were answered and that I understood what was happening. They took great care of my pup during surgery and provided me with photos of the procedure so I could see the before and after. Post-operation Dr. Mathis explained dental care and what to expect as far as recovery.My dog is doing well, eating and drinking and while she looks a little different, I couldn't be happier with the outcome of her surgery. Dr. Mathis was able to provide her with a more comfortable mouth and better cosmetic appearance in comparison to her appearance prior to surgery. The thought of a mandibulectomy can be really scary and it was a relief to find someone with the experience and knowledge needed to perform this surgery and we're grateful for the care she received. Big thanks to Dr Mathis, Anne, Molly, Erin and all of the other kind receptionists and technicians that helped.
Happy Pet Owner